I am currently responsible for two courses at Cambridge: first year (IA) Operating Systems (taken by both CST 50% and 75% candidates) and the M.Phil in Advanced Computer Science and Part III course, R01 Advanced Topics in Computer Systems. The former is a standard lecture course, the latter is a reading-based course where students read, review and present assigned papers.


I am always interested in supervising good final year and Masters projects that relate to my research. Of particular interest are projects that use Mirage, produce network trace processing tools or visualisations, or relate to Human-Data Interaction. Please contact me if you have ideas or proposals related to these topics.

Among the past projects I have supervised are:


  • Rupert Horlick. Encrypted Keyword Search Using Path ORAM on MirageOS.
  • Daniel Karaj. Unikernels for Bus Data Serving.
  • Alex Rakowski. TCP Stack Spoofing with MirageOS.
  • Sean Saville, Simulating Scheduling Algorithms.
  • Gabriela Sklencarova. Functional Network Stacks with MirageOS and Irmin.
  • Daniel Spencer. Secure Auditable Logging with Dog.


While at the University of Nottingham I taught on the following modules:

  • G52GRP Software Engineering Group Projects
  • G53ID* Undergraduate Final Year Projects
  • G54ACC Advanced Computer Communications (convened)
  • G54GRP Horizon DTC Group Project
  • G54CCS Connected Computing at Scale (convened)
  • G64P* MSc Projects (IT, MIT, HCI)

Finally, a collection of links to material that I have found interesting, useful or amusing, related (however tangentially) to Computer Science. Please note that these take you away from my pages and so I am not responsible for their content. If you happen to spot that any are broken, please do let me know.

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