I am interested in computing infrastructures, specifically networked systems. In the past I have done extensive work on topics including routing behaviour in backbone networks, future network architectures, performance analysis and modelling of distributed systems, enterprise network management, and analysis of network topologies. Most recently I have become interested in interdisciplinary research and particularly the interplay between networked systems and topics that traditionally fall under human-computer interaction. For example,

I try to maintain a complete list of my publications in addition to the usual sites including Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic, CiteULike and the ACM DL.


I am actively involved in a number of current projects, including:

  • Databox, building infrastructure to support us all in managing our personal data.
  • Contrive, supporting the HAT Living Labs.
  • Networks as a Service, exploring how to provide application control over network resources, down to programmable hardware.
  • MirageOS, developing the OCaml unikernel, Mirage.
  • Artcodes, developing beautiful, machine-readable codes.

Completed past projects include:

More details of my past and present EPSRC funding portfolio can be found at Grants of the Web.


Any funded places that I have will be advertised via the University. Please read any adverts there carefully – funding eligibility requirements often mean that studentships are only accessible by UK/EU students. If you are interested in applying to undertake a Ph.D. with me, before I can consider your request I will need to see the following:

  • Your CV and research proposal – I need to know what you want to do before we can discuss whether I’d be an appropriate choice of supervisor!
  • An indication of how you expect to be funded – unfortunately nothing is free, including Ph.D. study.

I will not respond to enquiries that do not provide this information.


I am fortunate to have worked, and to continue to work, with some excellent Ph.D. students on a wide range of topics.



Full citation details are available in my github BibTeX repo for up-to-date citation details. Please contact me if you have any problems obtaining any of these.

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