with apologies

I Think Someone's Following Me...

Richard Mortier March 02, 2015

It’s always1 nice when someone notices what you’re doing, and I was pleasantly surprised recently to find that someone had indeed been watching.2


Well, usually. Unless you’re doing something embarrassing like, e.g., dancing.


Though in fact, given the pattern involved, I suspect it may be my colleague, Dr Hamed Haddadi who’s actually being followed. To whit, the fact that they also picked up on a study of third-party web-tracking from last year.

Specifically, it appears that someone at MIT Technology Review has noticed the work of me and some of my pals: our work on HDI and a recent sketch of some follow-on work we’re pursuing around building a personal Databox. Independently of that, the latter also happened to get picked up by John Naughton in the Guardian, which ended up with a pretty active comments thread, including one from Richard Stallman himself…

Guess we’d better get on and deliver it now then :)