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Actual HCI Papers!

Richard Mortier June 17, 2015

I have to confess to being quite pleased to having a couple of HDI-related papers accepted recently (even if we can’t even get proper reviews on the original HDI paper – recently judged out-of-scope for the third time, even though the Special Issue in question seemed bang on target!).

The first is a full paper to ECSCW’15 titled Human Data Interaction: Historical Lessons from Social Studies and CSCW. A collaboration with Dr Andy Crabtree, it examines particularly the role of interaction in HDI and explores how past technical approaches, such as Dataware, to the challenges posed by HDI haven’t fully considered the inherently social nature of data.

The second is a short paper to the decennial – seriously: every ten years! – Aarhus 2015 conference titled Personal Data: Thinking Inside the Box. This sets out a vision for an embodiment of a Databox: a physical device supported by online services that empowers us to take back control of our online lives. Building a Databox, using MirageOS, is hopefully going to be a key activity for me in the coming months…