with apologies

Begin, Again!

Richard Mortier January 15, 2015

Specifically, I’ve left Horizon and the School of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham to (re-)join the Cambridge University Computer Laboratory. In celebration, and frankly because it was long overdue anyway, I’ve reworked my website. What do you think?

For the curious, or the technically inclined, the site now uses ZURB Foundation 5.5.0 (the current downloadable release as of yesterday), with some slightly customised CSS. The site itself is largely written in Markdown and currently generated using Jekyll to be hosted on Github.

It’s actually gone through an interim phase where it was parsed by the OCaml OMD parser before being crunched into a Mirage KV_RO filesystem which is then compiled into a type-safe, self-contained web appliance that serves these pages and no other using the OCaml Cowabloga, COW and CoHTTP libraries. This could either be run as a POSIX binary or a self-contained Xen VM depending on what I felt like. Neat eh? (And for the sceptical among you, yes, a thing can be neat and yet appear curiously over-engineered at the same time… :)

For the time being however, I’m using it as an excuse to think about what I might do to better support site generation like this in Cowabloga so that I can more seamlessly switch between Jekyll and Mirage.