I Think Someone's Following Me...
Human-Data Interaction, Databoxes and More!

It’s always1 nice when someone notices what you’re doing, and I was pleasantly surprised recently to find that someone had indeed been watching.2

Specifically, it appears that someone at MIT Technology Review has noticed the work of me and some of my pals: our work on HDI and a recent sketch of some follow-on work we’re pursuing around building a personal Databox. Independently of that, the latter also happened to get picked up by John Naughton in the Guardian, which ended up with a pretty active comments thread, including one from Richard Stallman himself…

Guess we’d better get on and deliver it now then :)

  1. Well, usually. Unless you’re doing something embarrassing like, e.g., dancing. 

  2. Though in fact, given the pattern involved, I suspect it may be my colleague, Dr Hamed Haddadi who’s actually being followed. To whit, the fact that they also picked up on a study of third-party web-tracking from last year. 

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